Christopher’s Garden

A unique vintage style with arrangements focusing on an artistic combination of subtle colors and petals to emulate a classic vintage romance suitable for an elegant and showstopping weddings. Enjoys a good challenge and so can adapt to many preferences from rustic to exotic.

Bouquets by Vivian

Vivian’s style is romantic & bold, specializing in in bouquets and pieces for the bridal party that stands out in vivid colors and contrasts. Every bride is unique and Vivian captures the bride’s personality in each bouquet, which is important because as the camera follows the bride mostly throughout the day, what she holds is the center of attention.

Eden’s Blooms

Eden’s arrangements embodies a Victorian style, with combinations of blooms and greenery that is classy and timeless. Eden’s blooms specializes in centerpieces that grabs attention and embodies a feeling of regal elegance to the event.

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    Our Story
    About Us
    Mai Floral Designs, formed from a network of experienced floral designers, each with their own unique style, but with a common interest in the extraordinary. We're not florists, we're floral designers, ensuring each handcrafted arrangements has a depth and personality that channels your professional event.
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    Professional Style
    Our Strengths
    Our unique blend of style, design and art makes us the perfect candidate for corporate and professional events. While much of our work also resides in weddings, the almost contemporary styles is more artistic than it is romantic.
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    Our Designers
    ...have such a love and passion for beautiful flowers that we all individually designed the flowers for our wedding, ensuring our personality shines through. Over 15 years experience in designing personal and professional events.
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High Style Design is Artistic

Not to be confused with contemporary, modern or even expensive. It is a work of art in every arrangement. Art can be inexpensive yet priceless at the same time